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R.I.P. Brooklyn-Born Jazz Pianist Ed Stoute

R.I.P.—Brooklyn born jazz giant, pianist Ed Stoute moved on from our plane of existence to join musicians in a heaven ripe for listening to his talented fingers. Stoute traveled the world with the flavor of Brooklyn’s Bebop, with jazz standards infused with tributes to the best compositions of Monk, Miles, and Coltrane.

Ed Stoute has been playing African American Classical Music, also known as Jazz, for more than 60 years. Composing more than 100 tunes and arranging standards with a repertoire ranging from Bebop to Brazilian styles. Brooklyn’s “Jazz Ambassador” carried on a music tradition that has a rich history in Brooklyn. Performing with his ensembles in large and small venues, few brought him as much joy as Fort Greene’s “JAZZ966.” Here, Ed plays on in the hearts and memories of his contemporaries and in the souls and imaginations of the young musicians he inspired.

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