Jazz Events Calendar

Youth Jamboree/Wellness Day

Through young people, Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium/CBJC strives to develop a continuous dialog to ensure the sustainability of the music, known as Jazz. The Youth Jazz Jamboree/Wellness Day is one platform this organization utilizes, to promulgate this African American created art form to future generations.  During the event, Quest Youth Organization, Inc., the programmer, for the jamboree, presents, the Upon The Shoulders of our Elders Award.  This honor goes to an elder whose character and life-journey is an inspiration to young people.


Youth jazz associations from throughout Brooklyn perform to an audience consisting of their peers, family members, educators, and Bedford Stuyvesant’s jazz community. CBJC gives monetary awards, as judged by professional musicians, to several of the competing bands in the name of their organization.


The rationale for coupling health care with Jazz is based upon the “music as medicine” school of thought.  Music’s effect on the well-being of the listener is documented.  The emotional and physical conditions of children are a contributing factor to their future productivity to society.  CBJC invites healthcare providers to exhibit their services in proximity to the performance stage.