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Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival

The Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival is a celebration of New York’s most populous county’s musical legacy. This music series is NYC’s longest continually running grass roots event dedicated to the African inspired art form, called Jazz. The festival has grown from a nine-day neighborhood occasion to a highly anticipated month-long, borough-wide, musical observance.

Internationally recognized musicians and local musicians of note, perform in cultural centers, churches, clubs, colleges, and faith-based institutions.  The backbone of this community-based festival are the musicians and venues that fuel Brooklyn’s nightlife economy and keep its music scene vibrate.  The Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival serves as an economic engine for under-resourced communities by providing artistic programming which attracts non-residents into the locality.

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Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame™

The Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame, created in 1999, is a trademark and presentation of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium. The program consists of a ceremony immortalizing a Brooklyn musician(s) with notable accomplishments; the Deacon Leroy Applin Young Lion(ess) Award presented to a standout performing artist from the borough; several individuals recognized who made noted contributions to central Brooklyn’s jazz community.  The hall of fame is a testimonial to the people, venues, and events which put “Brooklyn Jazz” into the consciousness of admirers of this art form.

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Youth Jamboree/Wellness Day

Through young people, Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium/CBJC strives to develop a continuous dialog to ensure the sustainability of the music, known as Jazz. The Youth Jazz Jamboree/Wellness Day is one platform this organization utilizes, to promulgate this African American created art form to future generations.  During the event, Quest Youth Organization, Inc., the programmer, for the jamboree, presents, the Upon The Shoulders of our Elders Award.  This honor goes to an elder whose character and life-journey is an inspiration to young people.

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JAZZ: The Women’s Viewpoint

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium’s original member, Rosalind Blair, created JAZZ: The Women’s Viewpoint/JTWVP, a core program of the organization.  Rosalind, an activist for gender equality, developed programs which addressed barriers in the field of entertainment.  Her experiences with Club Jest Us, the wives of musicians who were working to promote events; to manage their husbands’ careers behind the scenes without much personal recognition. It was those circumstances that motivated Mrs. Blair to formulate the platform for JTWVP.  A primary goal of this event continues today to give women an opportunity to participate in the discourse of the music industry’s dynamics, to share experiences and inspire others to follow their path to success and recognition for their artistic talents.

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Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium Summer Concert Series

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is engaged in partnerships with Bedford Stuyvesant’s community bastion, RestorationArt, formerly known as the Center for Arts & Culture; Harlem’s venerable organization, Jazzmobile, to produce summer concerts.

Thursday evenings on Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration’s campus jazz artists perform, outdoors, through sunset, for audiences of all ages.  Come early, grab a seat, or bring your own, enjoy the offerings of the restaurant and the cool summer breeze blowing in unison with the music.

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